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It takes time, patience, and contemplative engagement with all the thoughts-feelings-sensations that batter you as you struggle to release "wanting your life back the way it was."



Do I need therapy for my grief?

          The long and short answer is no—but you might. You need therapy for psychiatric illnesses but grief is not a sickness, so, you do not need therapy for your grief:  you may well need counseling to help you understand grief, the ways it shows itself to you and to explore ways to navigate this very difficult voyage.

And you may need counseling to help you discern the difference between clinical  depression and the sadness and sorrow that is a very common feature of grief— unfortunately, you frequently hear the word “depression” to describe this sadness and sorrow. It is the wrong word.

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

- Mark Twain


           While not everyone needs therapy or counseling, some will choose to seek counseling to help in exploring the myriad thoughts-feelings-sensations that often threaten to overwhelm you and to explore what, in fact, is the work-of-grief. If you choose to seek counseling, know that there are many professionals who can guide you through this process, working from a variety of approaches. Choose one that feels right for you.
          Since the approach at The Dwelling Place is rooted in the belief that health dwells at the center of each individual, grief counseling helps you to touch that center, open yourself to your truths, embrace your inner resources, nourish the patience to permit the healing wisdom of the body in finding ways to integrate the shifting pattern of your living landscape as you hesitantly and sorrowfully tell and retell your grief story. You accept grief’s invitation to grow as you embrace the difficult work-of-grief.
          At The Dwelling Place, I have described the essence of the work-of-grief as using energy to heal the pain of loss and have identified elements that weave the tapestry of the work you must do to get through this difficult process (described in chapter 6 of my recently published book).

The only way out of the desert is through it.

- African Aphorism

          As you work to find your way out of the desert of your grief, you must have faith that you will get through it, trust that you have the inner resources you need, and patience to do the work you must do to get through it. With steady, gentle guidance, we will engage the elements of the work-of-grief, explore your truths about shifting, changing relationships and connections, and address themes, such as regret, isolation, unfairness, the transience of life and others as they surface throughout the process.                 
          One caveat…….Counseling is not a magic key that will unlock the door to the end of your pain. It is in your willingness to tolerate your pain and embrace the work-of-grief as you reach for moments of joy in the midst of your pain, that you will create and discover different ways to be happy.



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