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The place where health dwells

is at the center

of each individual.



          At THE DWELLING PLACE, you will explore a different perspective about health, loss, grief and the grieving/mourning process.
          We will talk about health, not as something you do or do not have, but rather as an enduring attribute that abides within each person, in the sense of inhabiting, living, and dwelling. You cannot lose health but you can enhance health possibilities: health unfolds in the ambiguity that surrounds life choices.
          In this perspective, health is uniquely experienced, individually described, self-perpetuating in relationship with others, and shows itself in diverse rhythms and profiles: disease and illness are but rhythms in the ever changing profiles of the health situation.
         In the shifting, changing landscape of living, loss is inevitable, and grief is the natural companion of all loss—the internal healer that guides you through your experiences of loss. In this view, grief is not a sickness from which you recover: it is the very essence of the human condition in whose wake you learn to live. And in the profound struggle of the work-of-grief, you discover and

"I dwell in possibility."

- Emily Dickinson

create different ways to be happy as you expand and enhance health possibilities.
If you would like to explore this different perspective of health, loss, grief, and the work-of–grief:  Call for an introductory conversation: 412.441.5187  This different perspective is elaborated in my recently published book.



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