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Barbara Coyne - Grief Counselor

photo by J.D. Suckling 


"We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it in full"
Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)


In the work-of-grief, you begin to give substance to the ethereal shapes and shadowy outlines of your transformed life.

In this time of profound searching, you are learning: to release what is over and to immerse yourself in the unfolding future.

You become increasingly aware of the ambiguity of the present moment...and your grief changes over time and within the work you are doing.


          Dr. Coyne holds four earned academic degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Over the years, she has attended numerous workshops and conferences on the grief experience.  Dr. Coyne is the founder of The Dwelling Place, Center for Health. She has spent several decades as a teacher of Nursing and simultaneously in health counseling. Increasingly her focus shifted to studying and practicing in grief and the work-of-grief. Currently, she is no longer teaching and devotes her time to her work in grief counseling

grief counseling          She has authored two papers on nurses’ responsibility with dying people and their families, a guideline for choosing nursing homes and co-authored a text on qualitative research in Nursing.  She has offered workshops and speeches sharing her perspective of grief and the work-of-grief.
          She has recently completed a book rooted in her experiences with people in grief:--- You Don’t Have To Like It, But You Do Have To Live It ---describes the very different perspective she has developed over the years of working with people in grief.
Dr. Coyne lives in Pittsburgh with her two newly adopted cats, Julie and Julia
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